Marcelo Veiga

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Marcelo Veiga is bachelor’s degree in law, journalist, financial consultant graduated from FGV, songwriter, surfer and digital entrepreneur. Maintains several blogs that yield him good money as the “TV Northeast“, the “Third Age Magazine“, and Guinea-Bissau TV beyond your personal website on financial education and digital marketing among others.

– In the 80s I worked for Globo TV and the Herbert Richers Jr., TV director, and I work professionally on the Internet since it was born in 1995. In 2000 I was a finalist in the Start Ups E-Cobra Contest, sponsored by Opportunity Bank of Jorge Paulo Leman (Ambev), which gave me my first proposals for investors and a matter of two pages in the Exame Magazine in 06/28/2000 about my digital achievements.

During the past 15 years, I produced between own initiatives and others, more than a hundred sites and channels on YouTube, drove more than 800 documentaries and commercials in videos that have already reached more than 100 million viewers worldwide. My Youtube channel has over 20,000 subscribers and more than 100,000 minutes online videos watched per month that generate me monthly income in dollars for the rental of advertising space for Google Adsenses.

My experience in TV was crucial to create the Northeast ( TV, which now has affiliates in all states of the region as,,, www,, and, having become the Northeast TV, with greater reach and global audience, the largest representative of the Northeast Region for Brazil and for the world , which granted me an article in the journal Tela Viva, June 2007 issue, about television, audiovisual production, content distribution and an interview with TV Cultura in the Programme Watch TV with Lalo Leal reporter.

My Third Age Magazine, in its online and print versions, received in 2010 from the brazilian Ministry of Culture and Entrepreneurship Institute, the II Cultural Award Inclusion of the Elderly, Inezita Edition Barroso and had the launch of its first printed version sponsored by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals with Regina Duarte actress as godmother.

Anyway, as my own life demonstrates, there are many possibilities to make money online, in the Internet, after all, we are in the Information Age. But it was in 2012, when I got a scholarship to attend a Leadership Course in Maui in Hawaii, USA, when I had contact with Digital Marketing revolutionary techniques that allow anyone to “sell anything online and create online lucrative business.” It was so new and impactful in my life and in my business, which I made a commitment to share and multiply this knowledge with as many people as possible in Brazil as a way to bless the lives of people as they did with me.

These 45 days of total immersion studying eight hours a day from Monday to Saturday at the Haggai Institute, lectures and entrepreneurship practices, marketing, film, television, photography, communication, advertising, social networks, youtube, finally, a vast collection of practical courses on how to sell anything online and create digital lucrative business, made this experience turn into a training video teaching step-by-step through everything I learned, which will be released soon on this site.

I will examine with you plenty of ways to live of digital income, invest, grow and harvest especially online financial resources. To learn more, sign up below to receive by e-mail updates on the blog and valuable tips for your pocket and your money.

God bless you,

Marcelo Veiga